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2018 Spring Mason Bees - 20 ct


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Spring 2018 mason bees for spring pollination. 20 cocoons per order. Price includes FREE First Class shipping!

We mail mason bee cocoons most Mondays, February - April, 2018. Select your date to ship below.


SPRING Mason Bees available February—April

  • • Release spring mason bees when daytime temperatures are consistently 55°F (13°C) or warmer AND there are open blossoms for your hungry bees.
  • • Cocoons can be refrigerated until the appropriate conditions exist for release.
  • • Place cocoons outdoors by May 1 to help ensure that bees emerge in good health with sufficient energy to begin their work.
  • • NOTE: Spring mason bees are not recommended for AK or gulf regions of FL, AL, MS, LA and TX. Current agricultural restrictions prohibit the shipment of mason bees to the state of HI, and other countries outside of the continental United States.


  • • A hot mail box can be harmful to developing or emerging bees. If you are not home during the day to retrieve your bees, consider having them shipped to your workplace.
  • • Select the Monday when you would like your bees shipped, allowing 1-5 days for delivery. When the bees ship, you will receive a USPS tracking number by email.


  • • We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may not nest in your yard, may be eaten by birds, and may not emerge from their cocoons. We cannot guarantee survival, pollination of crops, or reproduction of bees.
  • • These bees are gentle, typically non-aggressive and rarely sting, While there have been no known reported cases of anaphylactic shock in association with these bees, the use and handling of solitary bees may result in allergic reaction for some users.
  • • Please consider signing up for BeeMail, our monthly newsletter, designed to provide tips and reminders to help ensure success.



20 High-quality Mason Bee Cocoons, available to ship February - April 30, 2018. Includes FREE SHIPPING!

Spring mason bees fly in cool weather and are perfect for fruit and nut trees, berries, and virtually all spring blooming flowers. Mason bees are 100 times more effective pollinators than honey bees and mason bees can double or triple your fruit yield!

Each package contains 8 female and 12 male cocoons (nature’s natural ratio). The cocoons have been inspected and washed for pests. Although we do all we can to ensure mason bee health, sometimes bees die in hibernation.

You should only purchase bees acclimated to your region for bee raising success. Our bees are raised locally or through our BeeBuyBack program. Bees sent to you will come from a similar climate zone to help ensure the best bee health and performance.

Adult bees may emerge during shipping between February and April, this is natural. Follow the care instructions included with your bees.

Bees will be sent First Class Mail and are mailed on Mondays. If you require special shipping, please email us at info@crownbees.com to make arrangements.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Bee cocoons will arrive inside a small cardboard box. Larger cocoons are female and smaller cocoons are male bees.

Keep cocoons in their box or transfer them to a slightly larger container that allows some degree of air flow.

Cocoons must be stored under refrigeration to prevent them from waking up from winter hibernation. Consider using our HumidiBee (cocoon humidifier) to keep your bees moist in the fridge.

When daytime temperatures have reached about 50-55F, you can place the bee cocoons into the bee house. Place the box of cocoons top of the nesting holes with the lid open. The bees will emerge from their cocoons and crawl over the nesting material.

Please note: Bees also need sufficient pollen available from blooming flowers. Try to avoid holding your bees in hibernation past May 1st as they will begin to die in their cocoons or may emerge too weak to fly and forage.

  • Pollen, mud, fresh nesting holes, and correctly located houses are all key factors for successfully raising your bees.
  • Please do not use drilled blocks of wood or bamboo tubes due to pest, disease, and mold buildup. Nesting holes must be easily opened to clean and remove mason bee cocoons.
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How do I know which Blue Orchard Bee to order?

Crown Bees takes the guess work out of ordering these bees by sending bees acclimated to your region/state based on your zip code.

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