Our strategic vision is to help the backyard gardener raise mason bees for four broad purposes:

  1. To successfully enhance the bees in your backyard
  2. To help you pollinate fruit, nut, and spring perennials
  3. To have you spread the joy, productivity, and beneficial mason bees to others
  4. Lastly, to give your excess bees to regional commercial orchards in your area.
Right now, Crown Bees needs help with #3; getting as many mason bees as possible to spread to other gardeners/backyard orchardists.
If you have excess mason bees, let us know.  We’ll discuss purchasing them with you immediately.  (info@crownbees.com or call at (425) 949-7954)mason bee cocoons
What happens:
  • You fill out the form below
  • You’ll send your mason bee cocoons to us
  • We’ll process them for pests, count them, and report back to you what we found
  • We’ll send you what you’re exchanging the cocoons for
  • The cocoons will be stored in a temperature controlled environment
  • They’ll then be sold to correct geographies for the bees.  (Similar temperature areas.)