Large Natural Reed Tubes

Large Natural Reeds

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Mason bees prefer natural reeds

Each order contains 40 natural lakebed reeds.  Price discounts occur incrementally for multiple packs up to 6.

Not only do the blue orchard and hornfaced bees love them, other native mason bees will use their varying sized holes as well.

Crown Bees has obtained quality natural lake bed reeds.  They have been hand cut with hole sizes that vary from about 9/32″ to 13/32″ (7-10mm) and are about 6″ long. They fit into all Crown Bee mason bee homes.

In a side-by-side comparison, a spring mason bee will prefer reeds over tubes or wood trays.  We believe this is due to the variety of sizes that help the mason bee find her hole easily.


  • It’s fairly easy to do with a butter knife
  • Hold tightly to the reed, or place the reed vertically on a table
  • Push the knife gently into the end of the reed that has the mud.  Push down only a small distance (1/4″).  Don’t be concerned about harming a cocoon as they are typically a bit further away from the end plug
  • Once the knife is in, twist the blade to separate the reed
  • You can now harvest the cocoons out easily from either side of the reed
  • Placement of reeds in a mason bee houseraindrop mason bee house - small straight with straws

    • Place the reeds as far back in your mason bee house as possible. You do want to protect the reeds and bees from direct rain
    • If you have unharvested full/partial reeds from last year, put those specifically where you can find them. We suggest rubberbanding them together.
      • Using the same reed three years in a row will bring about pests. You will definitely want to harvest from these reeds in the fall.

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