We have both east and west coast spring mason bees for sale!

Hornfaced mason bee on handMason bee on hand

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We care about your success and only sell grade-A mason bee cocoons.

Grade A cocoons mean:mason bee cocoons

  • The developing larva have been matured through the summer at a uniform temperature so that the adult bees have all matured for winter hibernation
  • The cocoons have been lightly cleaned to ensure they are free from chalkbrood
  • Each cocoon has been inspected for pests
  • The cocoons have been stored in a conditioned environment (39-40° F) at optimal humidity levels (50-70%)

What are you buying?

  • Each set for purchase contain 4 females and 6 males, nature’s natural ratio.  The cocoons are sent to you in little cartons with holes cut through the sides.  The mason bees, when emerged, will chew through the label.
mason bee cocoons

What to do next!

  • After you have purchased, we suggest you read our educational portion of the website.
  • Start with the top three section of “Bee Basics“.  You’ll learn what the mason bee can do, what it looks like, and it’s life cycle.
  • Read no further than the top six section of “What to Do“.  Here, you’ll learn about pollination needs, how to set up your house and tubes, when to do things, etc.
  • Lastly, sign up for our bee-mail.  We remind you when to do what throughout the year.  Your success is important to us.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (425) 949-7954, by email, or our contact us form.

Thank you!  We sincerely wish you to be successful pollinating with native bees.