Most gardeners are busy.  It’s easy to forget to do things!

Your success is important to us.  Raising mason bees is fun, educational and very rewarding.  Crown Bees has two programs to help you learn and remember; Bee-Mail and our social media.

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Bee Mail

Our monthly Bee-Mail is gives you key advice and tips on what to do each month.  We also include relevant science and commercial pollinating news and suggestions.  Many gardeners find Bee-Mail is all they need rather than refer back to our website for advice.

  • When should I set out my mason bees and their house?
  • When should I bring the nesting materials in to avoid pests?
  • Why should I harvest cocoons?
  • When should I do what to ensure success?
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Our Policy:

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          • We absolutely will not sell or give your email address to any company or individuals.

Mason Bee Social Media


Every day we have a fun picture and a paragraph or three about some native bee, interesting facts on honey or bumble bees, or some relevant news from around the world.  You’ll find that we answer every question quickly.

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We communicate with many influencers across the world.  Quick tweets, small bits of news, and our insights are released throughout the day.

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Do you have a fun picture you’d like to post?  We’d like share them with gardeners across the internet.  We add pictures and links weekly.

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