What makes a great mason bee house?

  • It works well for the mason bees to use
  • It should be sized for your needs
  • It keeps your nesting material dry
  • It has to be well built
  • It should be easily installed
  • It looks good in your yard

How did we choose our mason bee house shapes, sizes, and material?

  • We worked with over 75 master gardeners across the Northwest to get their opinion on “what they’d install in their backyard”.
  • We analyzed the “golden triangle” rule as well as the rule of golden rectangles.  (The human eye finds specific shapes more pleasing than others…  How interesting!)

golden triangle golden rectangle

  • We thought through design features like overhangs, sloped floors for rain, and wind shields.
  • We analyzed what the mason bees preferred
  • We thought through how you might use them for best success.

Starter HouseNester Starter Mason Bee HouseRaindrop Mason Bee House – SmallNester Mason Bee House with Attic

EasyBee ShedDiamond Mason Bee HouseA-Frame Mason Bee HouseRafter Mason Bee House

Lastly, we thought through you would like to buy these…

  • Empty (put your own mason bee tubes, reeds, or wood trays)
  • Full with tubes or wood trays in “kits”
  • Or leave that up to you with “build your own” houses (you add the nesting material for lower prices)

Please click on one of the categories to your upper left, or  click here to take you to our store.  After you’ve purchased your house, please look through our educational portion of the website.  From basics of the mason bees to “when and how do you do certain things during the year”, you should leave well educated!

In particular, do sign up for our bee-mail.  We remind you when to do what throughout the year.  Your success is important.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (425) 949-7954, by email, or our contact us form.

Thank you!  We wish you great pollination with using native bees.