We want to help you succeed raising mason bees.

You’ve reached this page for a reason.  You want to learn a bit more about the mason bee and why we think so highly of it!

Honey bees continue to be challenged.  Many native bees are being reduced due to a variety of factors.  You can help  make a difference!

Hornfaced mason bee on handMason bee on hand

The mason bee is a gentle, solitary bee that has no reason to defend its nest.

These bees live only during the spring and don’t produce honey.  Instead, they are WONDERFUL pollinators of fruit and nut trees or any flower in your yard.

Do us a favor please.  Don’t read too much of our website in one sitting.

Instead, follow these few guidelines

  • Start with the top three section of “Bee Basics“.  You’ll learn what the mason bee can do, what it looks like, and it’s life cycle.
  • Read no further than the top six section of “What to Do“.  Here, you’ll learn about pollination needs, how to set up your house and tubes, when to do things, etc.
  • Lastly, sign up for our bee-mail.  We remind you when to do what throughout the year.  Your success is important to us.

Through learning a little, trying things out, observing what happened, and then learning a bit more, you should wind up being successful with raising mason bees. This process might take a few years, but you should learn much and succeed well!