Mason Bee species Herbivore

  • A good rule of thumb is seven nesting females per blooming tree. Consider how many trees are actually in bloom at one time, not how many trees you have to pollinate.
  • Each large/mature fruit tree should have about 10 cocoons for it (4 females and 6 males).
  • An example to think through:
      • 3 apple trees, that spread their bloom over 4 weeks
      • 2 cherries that are in bloom about the same time
      • 3 plums that are in bloom about the same time
      • 3 pears that spread their blooms over 3 weeks

With this in mind, the “peak” condition seems to be the apple/pear overlap, so you possibly have maybe 4-6 trees in bloom at one time. You need roughly 50 cocoons.

50 cocoons is about 9-12 full tubes/reeds. That’s all you need. We recommend that you keep double that number, or about 150-200 cocoons or 30-40 full tubes/reeds. That’s not a lot! BG School How many mason bees are needed to pollinate a tree?

If you have too many cocoons, we recommend giving some away to your friends and helping them learn about raising mason bees.

  • Although males perform little pollination, they are vital, and account for 60% of the bees you’re buying.  Make sure you take into account that you’re essentially receiving four females for every ten cocoons purchased.