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Starting out

Questions answered here help you think through costs, the number of bees needed, etc.

We also answer questions about mason bee emergence timing

Blue Orchard & Hornfaced description

 Mason bee activity

Questions in this section provide answers to “I don’t see any activity with my mason bees.  What could be going on?


mason bee poop on wood

Why drilled blocks of wood & bamboo harm mason bees 

We’re serious. It’s old technology that works against you and your bees! Read why!

Drilled blocks of wood are bad for mason bees


Questions answered here cover pollination with trees. How many mason bees are needed • what happens when your neighbor has more attractive pollen • what if you have blooms but no bees • and more!

apple blossom


Pests are part of nature, but you don’t have to put up with them destroying your mason bees.

Pictures of pests • clues of what their damage looks like • proactive steps to avoid pests are covered in this section

Pest observations

Moving bees and Miscellaneous 

How do you transfer bees from blocks of drilled wood • can you move the mason bee house after bees are active • many more questions are answered in the “Moving Bees” section.

How do bees find their hole • what size holes do mason bees prefer • and a myriad of “where do we put these answers?” are found in the “Miscellaneous” section.